Production/Design Testing

With Paul as head of Game Design, I started to research ways in which we could implement his drawings into a form of entertainment for the final presentation. Using MockFlow, an online platform that assists with app design and concept development, I used simple shapes and images to represent Campus Crusade/it’s mini games.

Screen shot 2014-05-30 at 10.57.50 AM

A screenshot of MockFlow – working on representing the mini game”Coffee Toss”

Screen shot 2014-05-30 at 10.57.33 AMWhilst I knew these images wouldn’t be used for the final presentation, this was an extremely useful exercise. In creating these digital images and having the ability to alter/reposition them immediately, I was able to create gifs which brought our ideas to life. By taking numerous screenshots as I repositioned characters and objects, I inserted the images into an online gif maker that did the rest for me.

output_rwqlYs       output_wfMHRD – Orcadia


Mapping Research

Stage one of Campus Crusade ‘mapping research’.


Screen shot from Google Map Maker (taken 03/04/14)


Screen shot from Google Map maker (taken 03/04/14)

Rainbow Death Studios initially planned on utilizing the mapping capabilities of Google and running their mapping platform through Campus Crusade. Using Google Map Maker, I marked out territory and attempted to create a map of UOW to run in our app but found that this online platform couldn’t offer us much besides screen shots to use in the design phase. This exercise eventuated in Rainbow Death opting to design the map ourselves – this reduces cost of the production and limits the use of external companies, whilst allowing Rainbow Death to express their vision for the game design.

– Orcadia