Old Media: ‘No really, I’m fine.’

The internet has undoubtedly changed the way we interact socially, broadcast ourselves professionally and is [arguably] taking over traditional media outlets. Making my way home on the train today I was handed a copy of mX (a free publication that I wish I had appreciated far sooner than now), which featured articles that continually peaked my interest. I knew my deadline for this blog-post was looming so kept my eye out for stories of interest – unfortunately I didn’t strike gold with a story on how to publish a whirlwind blog BUT, i did notice that many of the articles discussed new forms of media – a hot topic for someone studying digital media & communication! #woo


A quick collage of today’s stories in mX covering or utilizing new media.

In a world where slander of the ‘new-technology’ takeover is commonplace, I had never realised that old media (for example this newspaper) is not only still thriving, but also using new media forms as the basis for its popular stories and segments. Some of the stories discussed new media forms and surrounding issues, such as Melissa Archer’s page. 5’s article on the legal implications of the misuse of twitter and social media.

“We’re all publishers now and subject to the same laws as media”, author and Journalism professor Mark Pearson said, which made me think more about how the internet has revolutionized the way we, as humans, live. The internet itself was initially introduced as a form of communication; one that could not be damaged or removed by attack – and from the internet stemmed social media. We are all now publishers of our own content, responsible for what we say and do online.

So it seems that old media, feeling threatened by the cultural blessing we call ‘the internet’, has used it to their advantage. With fixtures informing people of what great tumblr’s to follow and the latest trends on YouTube, newspapers and magazines have tapped into the needs [internet] and wants [more internet] of society.

– Orcadia 🙂


2 thoughts on “Old Media: ‘No really, I’m fine.’

  1. I always find it very amusing when I read stories in newspapers (old media) bragging about all the great new websites, social media sites and even advertising for the newspaper to now be read electronically. Whilst I understand that old media such as newspapers and books are beginning to die out, with people turning to new methods for information, I still believe that reading a newspaper can be the more informative method to get your information. Whilst it is not always the quickest way it, holding a newspaper allows me to feel connected to to story, in a way that looking at a screen never does. I know its corny but its just the way I feel 🙂

  2. This is so interesting to think that old media have used new media sources to their advantage. As soon as you started writing about the MX, it made me realise how tech savvy the old media sources have become, you would think they would be rivals …obviously not haha. I loved the point you made about us all being our own publishers which is not something we actually intend on doing but by simply updating our status on facebook we are technically publishing information. This point helped me realise how different the world was before the internet, everything was one sided no one had a say, whereas now everybody shares their opinion on every little thing which gives us a less bias view.

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