Here’s a shilling to go down to the pictures!

This week I asked my Mum to recall a specific time she went to the cinema. As she was giving me her answers (some of which were surprisingly specific), I thought to myself how much has changed in terms of cinema within our culture. Today, going to see a movie is pretty much a non-event. Let’s face it – most of us do it when there’s simply nothing else to do. So when my mum recalled details of her 8-year old self’s movie experience, I enjoyed the nostalgia.

Mum grew up in northern Scotland in a small fishing village. It might just be a generational thing, but the details she recalled were very simple. I don’t think this was just a recounting technique; rather, that’s actually how life was in 1967 – simple.  Kids weren’t spoiled for choice and safety wasn’t so heavily ingrained in their minds.

She laughed when I asked how they [my mum and her younger sister] decided on what film to see. She explained that “back in her day” no one had to decide on what film to see – cinemas would run one movie for about 2 weeks at a time. So, as opposed to our generation, flooded with the choice of at least a dozen showing movies, back then it was as easy as getting a shilling from your Uncle and skipping down Kinnedar Street to see The Jungle Book.


My early memories of cinema differ greatly from my Mum’s. Growing up in western Sydney suburbia, safety was paramount. In the space of 40 years, kids were taken to the cinema by their parents or dropped at the front door at the very least. So, perhaps disappointingly for research value, my Mum’s experiences are pretty similar to the stereotypes of her generation – #safe, #happy, #simple.


– Orcadia 🙂


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