Time and a place..

A constant obstacle I face in my everyday life is what to do if I forget my headphones. A 20minute train trip without music is frustrating – yes – but something I eventually bring myself to accept. Under no circumstances though, would I ever become one of “those people”. Those people. The ones that blatantly play music though the loudspeaker on their phones, appropriately dubbed ‘Sodcasting’  by UrbanDictionary.com. (soz but I didn’t really feel like being bombarded by Miley Cyrus on my way to uni)

“Sodcaster’s” we’ll call them, are a group of people with quite a large hate-base, as seen here  in a Facebook page dedicated to hating on the offensive public act. The page’s 1400 ‘likers’ suggests that mine is not an isolated issue.

Whilst trains in general are public spaces, the individual’s exposed to other people’s loud media reserve their own separate sphere. And it is generally socially accepted that we do not disturb the space of others. With media constantly connecting people and making sharing so easy, it is understandable that the youth of today (especially Sodcaters) find it hard to distinguish the line between public and private space.

Sian Lincoln discusses in her book, ‘Youth Culture and Private Space’, that social media is fast becoming an extension of individuals private space. This makes it hard to discern what constitutes a private space from a public one, with the methods of sharing things of importance being very publicly dispersed (i.e. social media like Facebook and twitter).

Public and private spaces are no longer separate entities. Sharing is bigger than ever thanks to technologies limitless potential and with that, lines become blurred and social norms are sometimes disregarded.


– Orcadia 🙂


One thought on “Time and a place..

  1. Hey what’s a bit of Miley Cyrus amongst perfect strangers on the train.. No, I completely agree with what you talked about. It feels as though it’s a social rule that sodcasting is a no go.. So why do people still do it!? The point you made about it being difficult to distinguish between public and private space because of media constantly connecting us is interesting. While I agree with it I just still don’t understand why they do it. WHY WHY WHY! – Great post 🙂

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