“…technology does not determine society. But we also know that without specific technologies some social structures could not develop.” (Castells, 2004)

I don’t think I’m alone when I say that without my phone I feel a little naked. On the off chance that my iPhone runs out of battery I immediately feel out of touch and at a loss. Part of the reason I feel this anxiety is due to the immediacy and ease at which I can send and receive information. Back way back when, it wasn’t a nuisance for people to walk to the corner and use the pay-phone, or to find out celebrity gossip the next day in the newspaper rather than immediately via twitter. Not today though! Internet networks have revolutionized the spread of information, making it far more widespread and easily accessible.

Our society relies heavily on smart phones and computers to do all the work for us, replacing our inherent ability to hunt and gather [information] for ourselves. No longer a static process, networks (especially in regards to the internet as a network) make information more accessible to the media audience.

– Orcadia 🙂


Castells, M. (2004) ‘Afterword: why networks matter’. In Network Logic: Who governs in an interconnected world? (pp. 221-224)


One thought on “Networks

  1. It’s so weird to think that 20 years ago mobile phones were only just becoming a thing and now they are such a big part of our lives its ridiculous. I feel that we have become reliant on these certain networks as you said because we believe that we have to have this constant connection with people, it kind of got me thinking that maybe we now have this constant fear of becoming disconnected and that will miss out on something important, its almost as if we are now scarred of being alone.

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