Worry for the enviro-future..

The media is instrumental in sending messages (from whatever perspective) about climate change to the public. Without the media to orchestrate and hype up their audiences fears, the current state of the global warming issue may not be as severe. Like I’ve said in previous blogs however, people, despite being aware of issues, often don’t act…for whatever the reason may be.

The  “Act on CO2” Campaign and many others just like it, instils obligation in the audience, encouraging them to reverse global warming on the basis that their own actions have caused the earths demise.

Tom Levitt reports that “upwards of 75 per cent of the general public…say climate change is an important issue”. So, basically, people are aware that it’s an issue…however, he also reports “few of us are doing much to actually tackle the problem and reduce our own emissions”.

He outlines a number of factors that underpin people’s reluctance to go green and do their bit for the environment. Some of these include, mistrust in the reported climate change ‘facts’, uncertainty in the impact their actions have on a global scale, and comparing themselves with others who do far less to reduce their carbon footprint.

I don’t personally identify as an eco-warrior of any sort, and I don’t go out of my way to reduce the carbon impact I have on this glorious earth of ours. However, behaviours such as recycling and not littering intentionally are automatic.

So despite people like me out there who don’t take the greatest care in choosing biodegradable/carbon-reducing alternatives, we are all picking up good small habits that make an impact in the long run.

– Orcadia


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