Over the past couple of months, I’ve been discovering some new and interesting things about the media and the myriad issues surrounding it, most of which I’ve converged into a blog for your enjoyment (well, I hope they’ve been enjoyable). The blog posts that I’ve written containing my most personal perspectives into an issue, I feel are the most successful.

Destroy all Trolls, my most recent blog-post, gives an overview of the social climate online and how negative comments and posts are increasingly appearing on online forums and websites. This is an issue that frequently appears in the media (both traditional and social), mainly due to societies growing dissatisfaction for cyber-bullying. I used my personal interactions with cyber-bullying to illustrate to the audience how widespread and unnecessary ‘trolling’ is. I did so with use of a YouTube video which I embedded into the post.

Last week I explored how news is becoming increasingly accessible and easy to personally distribute. Who isn’t a journalist these days? discusses how traditional media outlets are now relying on social media and emerging technologies to bring news stories to wider and diverse audiences. I was able to effectively maintain a relatable tone for readers, using a combination of appropriate jargon and formal language.

My favourite blog to write was definitely R-r-r-r-REMIX! as it enabled me to reveal my keen interest in digital manipulation and indicated the respect I have for artists who can create something unique from an already existing piece of work. I showed how  modern rap artists produced a new creation by taking samples from a previously released song, embedding videos of both songs to give the audience something visually stimulating.

My 3 favourite posts each explore something very different about the state of converging media and stir up dynamic and still ever-changing ideas for me.

I’m getting used to the fact that my opinions are being broadcasted and considered by people and consequently have developed my own style of blogging. The future possibilities for me to share ideas through my blog, makes me excited to continue this learning process.

– Orcadia



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