Destroy all ‘Trolls’.

I’ve come to realise that whilst the Internet is revolutionary and something that I personally appreciate, it is also a mechanism for people to circulate hate and obscene material. A “Troll” from my experiences online, is someone that, usually out of boredom, comments or posts emotionally damaging, hateful or provocative material to spark a reaction from the online world. The lack of face-to-face communication that the Internet provides makes for a perfect place for trolls to thrive, meaning that physical backlash or retaliation is virtually impossible.

A topic that also came to my attention this week was the misogynistic nature of the online community. Whilst some may make the claim that hatred of females is rife within the cyber world, I would argue that locally and when confined to a specific social media, there are limited cases of this. Personally, it’s only when I venture from the safety of my closed Facebook medium that I realise how widespread ignorance and rudeness really is. Social media allows for us to connect and share in a relatively private forum, with the ability to ‘unfriend’ and ‘block’ troublesome people being used at many people’s discretion. So, for me, its only really when I visit public websites, that I begin to understand how much of an affect, trolling, misogyny and cyber bullying are really having on our society.

I first came to realise this when watching one of my favourite YouTube “comediennes” (make note: she is a woman).  At the end of each satirical vlog ‘Miranda’ addresses her fans and haters in a segment called ‘Fan mail of the day’.

I often think to myself during this segment, “why should an entertainer,who is merely trying to put a bright & funny spin on things, have to put up with so much of other peoples abuse?”. Actually, I find the fact that this segment needed to be created in the first place, pretty sickening.

Basically, ignorance what it comes down to. People are insecure and bored so decide to circulate hostility and resentment, in a [cyber] world that far too often, has no consequences.

– Orcadia


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