Who isn’t a journalist these days?

In today’s day and age, we all  have the opinions and the skills (internet) to freely broadcast whatever menial thought springs to mind. Unfortunately, people often mishandle the power that the Internet grants them, frequently clogging up our newsfeeds and inboxes with cringe-worthy junk.

Despite the grammatically terrifying and frequently ridiculous status’ broadcasted by people, social media plays a huge role in enabling users to communicate/receive news and events.

Today’s society doesn’t rely purely on traditional news sources anymore, more so opting for an entertaining and brief outline of important events. We create and share things instantly, making us more than ever, the authors of our own news (however irrelevant your stories may seem)  e.g. “OMG so bored” or “20mins left till work finishes”.

This clip demonstrates from a highly reputable news source’s perspective how social media has transformed the gathering and delivery of news on a global scale.

A good example of citizen journalism is ‘The Project’, a news based television show that uses everyday language and comedy to better engage the audience. Frequently displaying popular Twitter trends and discussing them comically with the television audience, the show engages viewer and user participation, which actively engages them with the stories being announced. Despite this program being broadcasted by a traditional media form, the show defies general stereotypes and enables citizens to become journalists in their own right.

– Orcadia


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