Twilight = Transmedia Narrative.

I often find myself being publicly judged or mentally overlooked for admitting that I am a fan of twilight…haters gun’ hate, I say!

My fandom started during the spring of 2008 when I was dragged to see the film by a group of friends. 90 minutes after being completely oblivious to the dark world of vampires that had the world in a craze, I was completely hooked. I raced through each of the books and even invested in a snuggly twilight blanky (which I still find handy to have around).

Twilight, four years on, is still a growing enterprise, with millions of people being exposed to the phenomenon in one way or another. Whether it be the books,  movies, soundtracks, parodies or via the ridiculous ‘New Moon’ Board game (another piece of merchandise I slightly ashamedly own), the Twilight saga has sunk its fangs into nearly every country worldwide.

In addition to using an array of media to convey its message, Twilight is an example of transmedia narrative as each of the various channels provides slightly different information that accumulates to form a holistic audience understanding.

I feel like the Twilight saga isn’t taken as seriously as the conventionally accepted transmedia narratives like The Matrix and Star Wars (probably due to the twihard fan base consisting of crazed 13 year old girls). However, a huge world of publicity and money has resulted from the multiple channels of entry provided by the Twilight franchise.

– Orcadia


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