Jumping the gun!

Whenever humans experience something new and foreign, they have the tendency to jump the gun…Like ‘Googling’ the medical possibilities for a spot on your arm, only to find that you’ll be dead within 3 days. Well it’s the same for climate change – We have one 40-degree day and suddenly it’s the Armageddon!

Climate change has been a relevant circulating issue since the mid 20th Century. It was fairly agreed upon by scientists until the 1970s that the earth was gradually getter warmer. The reason for their sudden change of mind came from a cold snap thought to have been caused by “a sudden inflow of cold water from the arctic”.

Anyway, my point here is not the cold snap, or what scientists think about it. Here, I am trying to show that the public (who are massively influenced by the media) comes up with often outrageous and hasty conclusions to explain every trend in weather patterns.

Now, I might be tackling this issue from a skeptic’s point of view, but I find the medias constant flux of ideas and spin largely futile. The media simply fuel issues by publicizing them with spin, giving the audience a one sided perspective of an issue that may be extremely trivial and irrelevant.

This cover from Time Magazines 1974 issue demonstrates the public concern of an impending ice age.

Conversely, a mere 30 years on, the same magazine stresses the imminent threat of global warming.

So, with the same sources being confused about the message they’re sending out…how are we meant to cope? The media has clearly always influenced the ideas and responses of the public, using their broadcasting power to send their message to the ends of the earth. Using spin and emphasis techniques, which are both seen in the above Time covers, the public are left dazed and utterly convinced by what the media feeds them. In the 1970s it was an Ice-age, now its Global Warming. Can we ever just sit back and see that the weather can change every once in a while?

– Orcadia


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