Monologic vs. Dialogic

No doubt about it, You Tube has revolutionized the way our society (locally and globally) operates. News, popular culture, music, whatever you like basically, is broadcasted to a worldwide audience without limitations or bounds. 
For a regular person like myself to become a producer of my own content, it’s as easy as fiddling around on iMovie and uploading my vid onto the web. That’s it. I’m published no questions asked. For this reason it’s understandable that traditional, monologic media is increasingly becoming frustrated with the ease and cheapness that people can access the products they are selling for a much higher price. The lack of gatekeepers, for example publishers and editors, to monitor the online creative sphere makes it incredibly easy for the average person to produce content. Despite paving the way for new and unlimited forms of entertainment and discussion, this process lacks quality control and leaves room for mass amounts of useless junk all over the net!

I am someone who loves digital media, specifically videos. I personally, prefer to get my news (with the majority being celebrity goss I’m slightly ashamed to admit) from Internet sources that contain video that I can be visually stimulated by. With many other people around the world enjoying the fact that they don’t have to extract information from pages and pages of details, the online video realm is becoming increasingly popular. Sites like have devoted parts of their websites to providing video coverage of the latest headlines.

On top of this, not only is new media such as You Tube and many other daily news sites much cheaper than buying a newspaper or magazine, it’s a heck of a lot easier too!
Think about it…every other menial act that humans carry out each day has evolved over time to make it that little bit easier. Backscratchers, bin pedals and robotic vacuum cleaners just to name a few.

Its becoming clear that the older forms of broadcasting a message are very quickly being overrun by dialogic media that enables public participation and the ability for broadcasters to interact with each other simultaneously. In reality, reading a newspaper at home doesn’t involve much discussion or social interaction does it? Well, online news sources (for example) do! Its as easy as ‘liking’ what you’ve read or re-tweeting it to a friend ☺
Despite seemingly optimistic outlooks for the sales of magazines in the near future, hardcopy versions of newspapers are expected to decrease in popularity. Our society is geared to expect more things at a faster rate and devices such as the iPad, various eReaders and especially online sources are delivering that fantastically.

– Orcadia


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