Hot or Not?

Society today, in a local and even global sense, seems to be divided into two groups. One group favours the idea of Global warming, seeing human activity as an inevitable road to doom, whilst the others flippantly brush off such ideas, claiming them as nonsense.

Global Warming will always be contested publically, currently trending as one of the most talked about topics.

This rift in social opinion can be substantially attributed to the media’s portrayal of this subject. I suppose there’s only so many ways an article can be written on whether or not the earth is heating up …but surely it’s not just a case of true vs. false?

It seems to be so with most of the articles, videos and blogs I’ve seen being based on a he-said-she-said format.

Public opinion peaks at each end of the spectrum with some sources blatantly exclaiming the impending doom of France , whilst others dedicate entire blogs to challenging the notion of climate change (without proper referencing may I add 😉 )

For now, and most likely the unforeseeable future, Global warming remains a hot topic and one perhaps that will not see a public consensus anytime soon. The media only add fuel to the fire by riling up audiences, from whatever perspective, in order to keep this at the fore of public discussion.

– Orcadia


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